France TV, the nation’s public broadcaster, expanded its premises near Montpellier with the addition of a cutting edge 600 m2 VFX studio. The green screen space, Studio D, makes it possible to shoot scenes in a virtual setting in real-time. It employs digital sets, removing many constraints linked to physical sets. However, if lighting a green screen is a perilous exercise, the challenge takes on another dimension when it comes to real-time. The studio technical team carried out several tests with a variety of fixtures and realized the rich color spectrum of the 8-color LED system would make fos/4 Panels an ideal solution to meet the rendering constraints of the green screen. This led to ETC distributor Texen, with support from Alterlite, equipping the studio with 46 fos/4 Panels. Read the whole story here.

“ETC is a master of LED technology. Our old green screens lit by RGB fixtures were already good, but now we’ve seen the results with the fos/4 Panel and its Lustr X8 color system in Studio D. The rendering is incomparable.” Philippe Malleck, France TV studio lighting manager
“Without these Panels, we wouldn’t have such a homogenous green background. I brought in several colleagues from other VFX companies, and they were also impressed. Rarely have they seen such a sharp and rich green background.” Pierre-Marie Boyé, Les Tontons Truqueurs production manager


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