Located on the outskirts of Dijon in eastern France, L’Écrin is a versatile venue capable of hosting a wide variety of events from theatre shows and music concerts to exhibitions, conferences, and seminars. The venue offers a setting combining elegance with the allure of high-end contemporary architecture. L’Écrin opened to the public in 2019 as a 100 percent LED venue. It was initially equipped with Source Four LED Series 2 fixtures, ColorSource PARs and an Ion Xe console from the Eos Family. More recently, L’Écrin has added six ETC Relevé Spot fixtures and an ETCnomad Puck to its inventory to further satisfy the requirements of visiting theatre companies.

“I needed a versatile fixture, capable of impressive effects for events and concerts, but with a beautiful light to meet the requirements of the theatre companies we host. I looked at all the brands and the Relevé Spot from ETC clearly stood out. For me, the continuous gobo wheel [Ani-gobo] is a real discovery – it’s to die for!”
“We’re very satisfied, really happy. The Source Four LED Series 2s are great in terms of color quality but also powerful. We’re often forced to reduce the intensity by 30% to meet the demands of lighting designers. As for the Eos controls, there’s no denying it, we’re delighted!”
– Philip Blandin, Technical Director

FA Musique

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