Billed as Spokane’s most popular amusement, the venerable Looff Carrousel was re-housed, re-painted, and re-lit with ETC gear. The entire complex is run off an ETC Paradigm processor controlling the general architectural lighting in the carousel space, party rooms, gift shop and other support spaces. Housed in a dome, the carousel itself is lit by ETC Source Four PARs, 288 feet of linear LED strips, and automated wash fixtures. Five universes worth of effects lighting channels are controlled by a Mosaic Show Controller X. A Paradigm 7” Touchscreen with a color picker to allow renters to choose from a range of standard colors and presets, as well as create their own custom colors for the dome and other effects lights. Read the whole story here.
“Looff Carrousel is the jewel, the new building is the jewelry box, and the effects lighting are the accents on the jewelry box.” – Christopher Ochocki, PLA Designs

PLA Designs
J.C. Wright Lighting

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