Nantong Grand Theatre is a signature landmark that was newly established in 2021. The theater was designed by the late master architect Paul Andreu with the theme of “An Instrumental Mountain with Pearly Waters” featuring five shining flower petals shimmering on Zilang Lake. The Theatre is equipped with ETC gear, including controls, lighting fixtures, dimmers, and a networking system. Two sets of versatile, yet compact, GIO @5 consoles with 4K output are installed in the multipurpose function hall to provide a reliable controlling experience for different events and occasions. Source Four LED Series2 Lustr with CYC adapters equip the Opera House, lighting up the stage and creating a beautiful mood-enhancing effect. Sensor3 Power Control system with ThruPower modules is used to provide stable and reliable dimming control. ETC’s Response Mk2 DMX Gateway was selected and successfully provides stable, reliable, and lightning-fast DMX and RDM data distribution for the lighting network.

“Our team was impressed by the powerful magic sheet functionality because Eos makes programming, control, and playback much easier than before,” – the venue owner commented.

Hangzhou YiDaShi Technology Development Co., Ltd.

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