The New National Theatre, Tokyo is Japan’s first and foremost national theatre for the performing Arts. As part of the 25th Anniversary celebration of the NNTT, the lighting system in the Opera House was upgraded in January of 2023. The theatre jumps to a new stage of its life, the Eos Apex console enhances the experience while simplifying the work of the lighting production team. This iconic building is proud to boast the first Eos Apex consoles in Japan. The lighting setup at the NNTT had been quite challenging for the team responsible. In the past, they had to rely on two consoles to manage the lighting equipment from a single production room located in the lighting booth. Creating and updating cues was quite a task, because of the physical distance between the designer and the operator. The team found innovative ways to overcome these obstacles, but upgrading the lighting system to Eos Apex includes of features that now gives the designer quick access to everything they need. Read the whole story here.

“I would highly recommend ETC gear to others. Based on our experience, the Eos Apex console delivered a seamless performance without any issues. A trustworthy console is essential for any production, so it’s great to hear that this one met our expectations.” – New National Theatre, Tokyo, Technical Department, Lighting Director Mr. Yuji TATSUTA

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