Saint John’s Cathedral is the center of the Episcopal Diocese of Colorado. With the lighting last updated in the 1960s, church leaders knew they needed new lighting and controls. Being a cathedral (and on the National Register of Historic Places), they wanted to keep the upgrades as unobtrusive as possible to maintain the sanctity of the space. They decided on a retrofit that would install LED engines in housings installed in the ‘60s and change out the sconce lighting along the walls to LEDs sources as well. And even though they are a traditional church, with all the ceremony and solemnity that entails, they also installed two of ETC’s ColorSource PARs to light the chancel. It was important to keep the newer lights and any controls hidden. A relay panel is hidden in an old vestment closet. Button stations were built into existing cabinets and color-matched to perfectly blend in with existing décor. A portable Paradigm Handheld Touchscreen offer more custom control for the priests and staff but can be safely stored away after use. Read the full story here.
“With ColorSource, the whites look really great, but when they want to they have easy access to color to give the service a different feel.” – Jared Canada, Project Manager at GLS Lighting and Controls

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