The Spokane Convention Center is a centerpiece of the city’s downtown Riverfront District and a reflection of Washington’s commitment to keep manmade structures in harmony with the natural environment. With 4 halls, 3 ballrooms, and 14 meeting rooms, the convention center boasts over 390,000 square feet of event space. As one of the only LEED-certified conference centers in the United States, the building is robustly efficient, running completely on wind-powered energy. ETC dealer J.C. Wright outfitted the center with ETC fixtures and controls throughout. City Theatrical’s Multiverse wireless DMX is used in the center’s five buildings to keep equipment in communication. Ballrooms utilize Mosaic panels to control ColorSource Pars used for accent lighting. As the State of Washington moves to require buildings like the Spokane Convention Center to use all-LED lighting, ETC’s Source 4WRD II LED light engines have been used to update the center’s previously incandescent luminaires.

“One of the things I loved about the ColorSource is that it has SACN capability so that if one of my ColorSources goes down or if I need to control more universes in an area, I can bring another ColorSource over and plug it into our lighting VLAN and it’s good to go. One of the things I’ve done is make show files for all of our different spaces and put them on all of the ColorSources. So if you have a event running in one of our spaces and for some reason the color source goes down–or you need to add a bunch of lighting that was unexpected–you can just bring another ColorSource over and load the show file that you need that’s already saved onto the ColorSource and you’re ready to go.” – Forrest Ewing, Technical Specialist, Spokane Facilities Department

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