Every year, around 400 budding media and event technology professionals graduate from the vocational school Städtische Berufsschule für Medienberufe in Munich, Germany. In recent years, the school’s auditorium has undergone significant renovations as a result of water damage. This led to comprehensive modernization of the venue’s technical equipment. For the stage machinery solution, an ETC Prodigy P2 hoist system with Foundation control was selected, thanks to its impressive safety features, compact dimensions, and ease of use. Multiple ETC luminaires, including Source Four LED Series 3 and Lonestar fixtures, and fos/4 Fresnels, have also been added to the school’s inventory, giving future technicians the opportunity to work with a variety of high-quality fixtures, suitable for a diverse range of events.

The Prodigy P2 rigging system offers all the safety features you could want, such as double electromechanical brake, a positioning encoder, four limit switches, integrated load cell with load profile features, and slack line detection. Its compact dimensions are a great advantage too. – Peter Platz, Scheinwurf


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