The Konzerthaus Freiburg is an event center that is used for concerts, cultural events, meetings, and more. In 2019, the venue began converting the house lighting to modern LED technology with the help of ArcSystem Pro luminaires and the F-Drive LED driver. Impeccable dimming and quality of light were top priorities as the hall selected new fixtures for the upgrade. The space is now equipped with 140 ArcSystem Pro Four-Cell Round luminaires in the orchestra lighting and 312 ArcSystem Pro One-Cell Small luminaires in the hall. Seven F-Drive R12 racks act as the central driving solution for the system.

Photo credit: ┬ęChristoph Eisenmenger and VisionTwo GmbH
“The ArcSystem Pro Four-Cell perfectly fulfilled our requirements with regard to dimmability up to 0%, the Fade to Warm feature, separate control, and absolutely flicker-free operation. Our musicians are also very satisfied with the new lighting.” – Thomas Schnitzer, Technical Director of the Freiburg Concert Hall

VisionTwo GmbH
Zeiler-Technik GmbH & Co. KG
Amptown System Company

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