ArcSystem Brings Power Savings and Flawless Dimming to Centennial Concert Hall


When the Manitoba Centennial Centre Corporation decided to upgrade the Centennial Concert Hall lighting system to improve energy efficiency and coverage, ArcSystem stood out for multiple reasons. Since installing the system, consumption has dropped from 76,000 watts to 10,200 watts. That’s a mere fraction of the power the venue once used. But beyond the power savings of an all-LED house lighting system, the move to ArcSystem led to an environment that looks and feels better for all who visit the space. Read the whole story here.

“The thing that impressed me the most was the dimmer curve. In my experience, getting LED lights to dim to zero smoothly is very difficult. When I saw the ArcSystem luminaires, I was thinking ‘wow.’ They don’t bump out and they don’t bump in.” – Denis Crymble, electrician