AT&T’s Discovery District transforms the city blocks around AT&T’s Dallas world headquarters into a world-class plaza. All aspects of lighting on more than four city blocks are linked together to create a welcoming environment, adhere to energy and safety codes, and create a high-energy lighting show in an immersive environment. ETC’s Unison Paradigm architectural control system forms the backbone for it all. Redundant, networked control platforms in each of the buildings surrounding the plaza provide control of day-to-day lighting requirements — like 0-10 V dimming for the trees in the plaza or illumination schedules for streetlights. ETC is also present in their Unison Mosaic controllers that offer powerful show control for RGB pixel arrays embedded in the ground and in tube fixtures on decorative trellises. Read the whole story here.
“In system like this, the whole thing is dancing. And in this dance, there are essentially thousands of working parts at once. Which is what AT&T wanted, so we designed for that. And ETC let us do it. ETC is heroic to me.” – Paul Helms, Principal, Paul Helms Design Consultants
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