The lobby of the Boston Mass Mutual building has been called “a forest in the city” thanks to its lighting offering “a stunning display.” Designed by Ben Strauss LC, IES, Assoc. IALD, Associate Principal and Josh Feinstein LC, Principal of Boston-based Sladen Feinstein Integrated Lighting with fixtures and architectural lighting controls from ETC, the lobby won multiple IES lighting awards for their work, including a 2022 IES Interior Lighting Design, Merit Award and a 2022 IES Lighting Control Innovation, Merit Award for their use of ETC’s Paradigm architectural controls system.

A grid of ETC’s heavy-duty track lighting solution DataTrack Backbone allowed larger fixtures with longer throws to be used while maintaining a clean, corporate aesthetic. ETC also provided 75 ColorSource fixtures to provide a rich, tunable shade of white. ETC’s advanced control tools let designers create four separate and continually shifting lighting states from morning, midday, afternoon, and night. Read the whole story here.

“We were part of the design process from the beginning. Unlike a stage show, where the audience is at a distance, we had to create something that worked closeup and was subtle and not distracting. We also wanted to reflect seasonal changes, as in winter when the days are shorter, and ETC was able to create a custom algorithm for that.” – Josh Feinstein LC, Principal Sladen Feinstein Integrated Lighting
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