Built in 1878, Cincinnati Music Hall has long housed performances by the Cincinnati Ballet, Symphony Orchestra, Opera and more. Its ornate architectural features earned the building its status as a National Historic Landmark by the U.S. Department of the Interior. Nearing 40 years since its most recent renovation, the venue needed a major remodeling to improve its infrastructure and audience experience. The Opera in particular was sensitive to dimming, color temperature and light quality of the venue’s iconic chandelier and proscenium lights. ETC was able to meet their high quality demands with the GDS ArcLamp. The LED fixture marries the energy-saving aspects of LEDs with ultra-smooth dimming. The theatre can still go to absolute zero without any steps in dimming. Read the whole story here.

“They were only willing to move to LEDs if the change was undetectable.” – Michael Burgoyne, Schuler Shook

Schuler Shook
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