Built in 1953, Dom kulture Kamnik (DKK), Slovenia, was designed to be a cultural entertainment center to serve the local community. In recent years, the venue has undergone significant refurbishment, including the replacement of its original rope counterweight hoists to update the rigging system to modern safety standards. Ultimately, the decision was made to install an ETC stage machinery system. The complete package incorporates a Prodigy P2 hoist system with compression tube, Helix cable management and ColorSource Raceway prewired power and data distribution system. This is combined with an ETC QuickTouch Preset controller, designed to work directly with P2, with the connection of a simple CAT5e control cable. Read the whole story here.
“There were nine original rope counterweight hoists that needed to be replaced – and two of them had to be electric lighting hoists. The Prodigy P2 system was certainly the best combination of standard and safe structural components to get the project running in just a matter of days.” – notes Franinović.
“The QuickTouch Preset controller is easy to use and is user definable. It also perfectly integrates with ETC Element console Magic Sheets, so the lighting operator can have an overview of hoist heights and light intensity at the same time.” – Ivan Franinović, Elsis d.o.o

Elsis d.o.o.

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