The mayor of Kyiv, Ukraine decided to convert a former cinema into a multifunctional hall to host live music events, theatrical performances, and film broadcasts. He wanted to create the most modern and technologically advanced venue of its kind in Ukraine – the European Cultural Centre “Krakow” would be the result. ETC dealer Real Music specified a stage machinery package incorporating 10 Prodigy P2-300 as general-purpose scenery hoists, and four Prodigy P2-300 as electrical lighting hoists – together with Helix cable management and ColorSource Raceway for power and data distribution – and a QuickTouch+ control panel. For the stage lighting 18 ColorSource Linear, 38 ColorSource PAR and 36 ColorSource Spot jr fixtures were selected. Additionally, a Road Hog 4 lighting console was installed to control the entire lighting rig.

“We attended training sessions hosted by ETC GmbH in Germany, and it is largely thanks to our experience there that we chose ETC as a partner in this project. It is convenient when one manufacturer can offer a comprehensive solution comprising a variety of high-quality products.” – Andrii Nikiforov, head of the installation department at Real Music

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