With a 4,000-seat auditorium, Gateway Church’s Southlake Campus had their work cut out for them when going LED. ETC’s ArcSystem Pro fixtures quickly became the standout luminaire choice for the project. Once the fixtures arrived, Catella and his direct reports were in a unique situation as the pandemic shut down much of the church’s in-person activities. In six weeks, Catella’s team of three was able to remove all the old fixtures, install the new ArcSystem Pro fixtures, and run data cable. Gateway Church’s Southlake Campus is now equipped with 315 ArcSystem Pro One-Cell luminaires, 124 Pro Four-Cell square luminaires, and 52 Pro Eight-Cell luminaires. Read the whole story here.

“The ArcSystem Pro fixtures have been awesome to work with. All of our pastors who come in for video shoots and more have commented on the noticeable improvements in how the space feels and looks. It looks brighter, feels bigger, and feels more welcoming.” – Ben Catella of Gateway Church