Langley Events Centre is a multi-purpose sports arena in British Columbia. When the Centre upgraded its lighting from metal halide fixtures to LED-driven fixtures they needed new control wiring, but replacing the original wiring, which was run through the concrete slab building material, would have been too expensive. Echoflex’s wireless control solution was the perfect solution, offering reliable control across the large arena. An ETC Mosaic system helps the venue program and control color-changing LEDs and automated fixtures in the arena for some in-game razzle-dazzle, with the show elements working together with the concourse lighting. Read the whole story here.
“We used a variety of different types of fixtures, and Echoflex worked with them all. We haven’t had one call back on any issues on the control side. There’s been no problems with the wireless signal. It’s quite reliable.” – Paul Darlington, Quantum Lighting

Quantum Lighting

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