Mercedes-Benz Stadium is a high-concept, future-focused venue that pushes the boundaries of what is possible in stadium design. From its unique roof with eight retractable “petals,” to the pioneering use of single-layer ETFE skin that makes its eastern side a “window on to Atlanta,” to its record-setting Platinum LEED status, the stadium strives to be an unparalleled experience for everyone who visits it, whether they be player or fan. And ETC is integral to every aspect of it, providing hardware and software solutions equal to the task of creating a lighting design as advanced as the stadium itself.
“With the Paradigm Touchscreen, it’s one piece of hardware. You can see the entire stadium as a whole, and you can drill down to each individual space in the stadium — with customized graphics specialized to each space.” – Monique Norman, Ardd + Winter

Ardd + Winter

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