The Meistersingerhalle is the culture and congress center of the city of Nuremberg which opened in 1963 and has been a listed building since 2007. As part of a refurbishment of the stage and orchestra lighting in the large hall, the team at the Meistersingerhalle selected 18 ETC ArcSystem Pro Four-Cell Linear LED floodlights with the FTW (fade-to-warm) function for installation. The venue was upgraded from halogen fixtures to ETC fixtures for their high quality of light, energy efficiency and excellent dimming features. The Pro Four-Cell Linear’s slim design was ideal for installation between the architectural beams, girders and acoustic panels at the concert hall. It has an onboard driver and, similar to the entire Multicell series from ETC ArcSystem, offers several options for beam angles and color temperatures. ETC dealer VisionTwo supplied the fixtures for this installation.

“The main arguments in favor of the ArcSystem Pro Four-Cell Linear FTW were the light intensity, the light quality and excellent dimming behavior. The Redshift function ensures very natural dimming which means that the devices can be perfectly integrated into the incandescent light environment that is still partially there. The fixtures work perfectly and our collaboration with VisionTwo was also a great stroke of luck for our company.” – Rainer Pfaff, master for event technology at the Meistersingerhalle

VisionTwo GmbH

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