Mobeon Studios focuses on the next wave of entertainment convergence, melding live performances and events with virtual sets, including e-sports, virtual AR/MR/XR shows broadcast on traditional TV stations as well as OTT, digital, and social media platforms. Owner Mark Alamares chose the fos/4 line of fixtures because they needed something versatile, flexible, interactive, and that put out quality light. Their new virtual studio space is a full green-screen studio with a ground-support truss grid with 12 small (8-inch by 24-inch) fos/4 Panels, 4 medium (16-inch by 24-inch) fos/4 Panels, and 4 fos/4 Fresnels, all with the Lustr X8 array. Read the whole story here.

“They’re great for on-location lighting but also a perfect fit for the in-engine virtual light as well. That’s the versatility we’re looking for. I’m trying to create ground-breaking technology experience, and I like how ETC helps Mobeon enhance the storytelling experience across all media.” – Mark Alamares, owner, Mobeon Studios
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