Neuberinhaus in Reichenbach, Germany, is a multi-purpose event venue, hosting concerts, theatrical performances, and a variety of cultural events. The scope of activities requires advanced and versatile stage technology, and ETC was selected to meet the requirements. The venue’s previous stage machinery included 16 manual counterweight systems which had been operating for 35 years. The upgrade with ETC products included an investment in 12 Prodigy P2 stage hoists and a wall mounted QuickTouch+12 control system, including a wired remote control, with simple cable infrastructure and a single CAT5e for the original 12 hoists. Thanks to the scalability of the Prodigy P2 system, it was a very simple process to integrate additional P2 hoists during later phases of the project. Read the whole story here.

“The variety of productions and performances means that the equipment needs are constantly changing. ETC’s Prodigy P2 stage hoists are much more effective: they save a great deal of time in comparison to the labor-intensive counter-weight systems. Built-in load measurement and automatic slack rope detection makes it easy for technicians to get the job done and the flexibility and reliability of the system is second to none.” – Ronald T. Böhm, Manager of Neuberinhaus
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