In 2017, one of the most prestigious venues in France, the Opéra Garnier, upgraded its lighting consoles to a selection of ETC Eos desks. The Eos consoles were unanimously chosen by Jacques Giovanangeli, the head of the lighting department, and his team of 42 lighting professionals. In total, four Eos family consoles were selected for the Opéra Garnier in Paris: three Eos Ti desks, two in the control room and one in the workshop, and a Gio @5 on stage. The whole system communicates in ETCNet3 (ACN) and the main console controls all of the fixtures over sACN. To complete the installation, 2 RVIs (Remote Video Interface) are also available from the stage and they offer remote video and local programming for Eos and Cobalt family control systems.

Photography: Jonathan Grimaux

“I frequently travel to operas and theatres in France and abroad and found Eos consoles in many places. The combination of the technical endorsement from my team and the observations I made on each journey led to us choosing Eos. With Eos, we can anticipate what’s coming by sharing files. The installation of the consoles was completed in record time and the team managed to release the first show, which was a large production, without any pitfalls.” – Jacques Giovanageli, head of the lighting department.
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