Spokane’s Riverfront Park Pavilion was built for the Expo ’74 world’s fair before becoming a unique event space defined by its tent-like array of steel cables. David Baumann and the team at NAC Architecture and Engineering chose an ETC Mosaic system to control their new cutting-edge lighting design for a recent renovation at the Pavilion. All told the design uses nearly 10,000 channels (about 17 universes) of DMX, all pixel-mapped and controlled by a Mosaic Show Controller X. Their design was honored with a 2020 Outdoor Lighting Design Award and a 2020 Control Innovation Award from the Illuminating Engineering Society. Read the whole story here.
“In the daylight you can see through them, at night the LED strips appear to float in space and do a great job of lighting the cables they hang from.” – David Baumann, NAC Architecture and Engineering

NAC Architecture and Engineering
J.C. Wright Lighting

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