When the San Jose McEnery Convention Center needed a new lighting system that could support the multi-use, high-production-value conventions their clients expect, they turned to GDS ArcSystem LED fixtures. In addition to being able to give them the 4000K color temperature, individual fixture dimming, and operate at 277V, the output from the ArcSystem fixtures was high enough that they were able to reduce the number of fixtures they needed to install. Control is achieved using a Unison Paradigm architectural system networked through the building, sending control signal to the fixtures as well as managing and monitoring the Echo Relay and Sensor IQ panels, which provide 277V power. Access to the system is provided through Paradigm’s 7-inch and 18-inch touchscreens. Read the whole story here.

“Nobody understands large lighting control systems like ETC.” – Tim Foster, Director of Production at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center

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