Starbucks opened a new Reserve Roastery in Shanghai in December 2017. The store features three coffee experience bars, the longest of which is an 88-foot-long, handcrafted wooden bar. ETC Source Four Mini fixtures create a stage-like environment at each of the bars. ETC Source Four LED Series 2 fixtures are used to light one of the store’s most stunning features, a two-story copper roasting cask. ETC Source Four LED Series 2 Tungsten HD fixtures give out warm light that mimics the performance of tungsten fixtures. They light the stairs that lead visitors to the bakery located on the second floor of the store. Working together with Desire D60 fixtures, the ETC LED fixtures produce customized light for the visitors to enjoy the freshly baked pastries. The lighting system of the store is completed with Unison Mosaic and Paradigm architectural systems. Read the whole story here.