Opera House and theatre hall of The Suzhou Bay Cultural Center chose Gio and Gio @5 consoles for their opera house and theatre thanks to the consoles' powerful magic sheet functionality. Custom magic sheets on the consoles make managing the fixture layout, control, and programming easier. ETC’s Sensor3 ThruPower Dimmer and Relay modules were selected for their reliability and stability for smoothly controlling the intensity of all types of fixtures. Suzhou Bay Cultural Center also selected Source Four LED Series 2 and ColorSource Spot fixture with CYC adapters as the stage lighting of the Opera House and theatre hall, as they bring high brightness and rich and smooth wash of color which can enhance the moods of every scene. Response Mk2 DMX Gateways securely connect the sACN network to the DMX runs, and they offer a powerful, fast, and stable data distribution.

Suzhou Bay Cultural Center
Hangzhou YiDaShi Technology Development Co., Ltd.

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