The Swiss Paraplegic Center (SPC) in Nottwil, Switzerland is the world's premiere facility for patients with spinal cord, back, and ventilation needs. The facility, one of the most advanced specialist clinics in Europe, boasts nearly 1,600 employees and a peaceful locale on the idyllic Lake Sempach. It can now also boast of new architectural luminaries and controls from ETC: the ArcSystems Pro Four-Cell series, Source Four LED Series 3 Lustr X8, ColorSource PAR Deep Blue, and Irideon luminaries controlled by Gio@5 and Ion XE consoles.

“The infinitely capable dimming power, the fade-to-warm feature and the ability to control each cell in each headlamp individually were completely convincing” – Flynn Bolliger, SPC Operational Electrician

B+T Bild+Ton and RSK Elektro

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