Recognized as the world’s tallest building in 2004, Taipei 101 is the landmark building of Taiwan. The building recently created a French-themed art installation in the 4/F atrium, featuring an exquisitely designed garden in the style of Monet, filled with colorful flowers and plants. ETC’s Source 4WRD II was selected to light up this installation, bringing the elegant design to life.

The multi-functional skyscraper is an office building, an observation deck, and a mall with many luxury brands. Taipei 101 is dedicated to bringing best-in-class products and experience to its visitors. When considering the lighting fixture for this art installation, they were looking for a fixture that has high quality and outstanding performance.

The expertly designed display is drawing more and more people to visit Taipei 101. With impeccable lighting provided by ETC, the installation is an Instagram-worthy spot that should not be missed this year.

“After the evaluation of different brands by the lighting designer, Source 4WRD II was ultimately selected as it met the color temperature requirement. The beautifully designed art installation is illuminated authentically with the use of this fixture. Source 4WRD II is also brighter while using less power,” – Chan Jen Wei, the Art Director of ROKERFLY DESIGN. Jen Wei is the lighting Designer of this project who proposed ETC’s fixture to Taipei 101.
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