The Gran Teatro La Fenice in Venice is one of the most renowned landmarks in the history of Italian theatre. Originally built in 1792, this world-famous opera house has been devastated by fire and rebuilt twice, most recently in 2003. Its modern beauty and complex history ensure its place among the most celebrated monuments in Italian history. Conservative restorations of the venue are ongoing and one of the latest updates involved the replacement of old halogen wall lamps and the main room chandelier. ArcLamp from ETC was selected to fulfil the brief of guaranteeing a result very similar to incandescent luminaires while also offering the multiple advantages of LED technology. In an important theatre like La Fenice there is no margin for error and the solution from ETC exceeded all expectations.
“This ETC system is the only one that faithfully reproduced the lighting of the previous system. Color temperature and brightness adjustment are perfect – absolutely comparable to an incandescent lamp. No other LED system I tested came close to matching the quality and dimming ability of the ArcLamp. I’ve also received a lot of positive feedback from television directors, technicians and cinematographers, who’ve highlighted the excellent CRI and no flicker effect during shooting.” – Fabio Barettin, Lighting Designer and Head of the Electrician Department at Teatro La Fenice


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