Teatro Verdi in Padua, Italy, embarked on a comprehensive energy efficiency initiative, focusing on transforming its lighting systems. A pivotal aspect of the project involved replacing the theatre’s conventional fixtures with LED counterparts. In the auditorium, 103 ArcLamp Fade to Warm Globe luminaires replaced the old 40-watt halogen lamps. Additionally, 29 ArcSystem Pro One-Cell 2700K Fade to Warm luminaires were installed to light the dome. Further enhancements included a series of ArcSystem Pro Two-Cell 2700K Fade to Warm fixtures on adjustable brackets on the gallery balustrade. Control was streamlined with ETC's Paradigm, ensuring efficient management and the potential for expansion. The achieved energy efficiency, combined with high-quality lighting and a versatile control system, resulted in a remarkable annual energy saving of approximately 22,000 kWh.

“Various Paradigm configurations for the multiple uses of the room were created in collaboration with the theatre’s technicians. The customized programming was much appreciated, as was the interface with the lighting control via DMX.” – Enzo Trovato, Technical Director, Decima 1948

Decima 1948

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