Designed with a futuristic look, Théâtre Jean-Claude Carrière, Domaine d'O is nestled at the edge of a pine forest in Montpellier, France. What’s so striking about the design is that the venue is entirely eco-friendly. A pioneer in LED lighting, the theatre opened its doors in 2013 without any conventional fixtures, which seemed risky at the time. More than six years after installation, the ETC LED lighting solution supplied continues to meet the ever-changing demands of the venue, both in terms of light quality and performance. The venue is equipped with 100 ETC Source Four LED Series 2 fixtures, including Lustr, Tungsten HD and Daylight HD variants, plus a selection of Desire D60 Lustr + and Desire D40XTI fixtures.
“During tests, I immediately liked the ETC products. Right away, it turned out to be much easier to work with ETC fixtures than the other brands we considered. The Source Four LED Series 2 was much better at simulating incandescent fixtures. I was also won over by the quality and richness of the color. There wasn’t a big difference in price between the brands, but there was a significant difference in quality.”
“More than six years later, things haven’t changed. ETC did a very good job of calibrating the LEDs. I knew they’d done a lot of testing to optimize fixture longevity, but it’s a pleasure to see that in reality.”
– Nicolas Fandard, General Manager Domaine d’O
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