As a statement on the importance of the river to the Portland area, Tilikum Crossing was designed to integrate compelling architecture, dynamic river conditions, and a thrilling display of light art that now accentuates the Portland skyline, keeping the 180-foot-tall structure visible and changing throughout the night. Specialized software collects environmental data and translates it to a series of commands to an ETC Ion Remote Processor Unit (RPU) which then executes a series of cues on Desire D40 XTI fixtures mounted to the bridge. Read the whole story here.

“Color was at the centerpiece of Anna Murch’s lighting design. Only the Desire D40 XTI offered a color palette broad enough to bring her artistic vision to life.” – Jon Friedemann, HL Stearns Inc.

Reyes Engineering
Anna Valentina Murch and Doug Hollis
HL Stearns
Visual Noise Creative