The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra (MSO) recently upgraded its stage technology in the newly opened Bradley Symphony Center and Allen-Bradley Hall. MSO upgraded architectural lighting systems, and added fixtures, a lighting console, and a Paradigm Central Control server. The most impressive part of the renovation, however, is the integration between the emergency lighting system and the automated rigging system. Because a portion of the fire sprinkler system in the building is installed over the stage, it was required that the orchestra shell ceiling panels be able to tilt into their storage position. ETC's rigging engineers designed an interface and mechanical release based on a common fire curtain release. The interface includes integral battery backup, enabling the system to ride through power outages and brownouts without releasing the tilt mechanism unless called for by the fire alarm system.
“The building structure presented some tight constraints, but it was an amazing project and our team is proud to have been a part of it.” – Tripp Oliver, Mainstage (rigging/lighting installer)

Consultant: Fisher Dachs
Representative: Enterprise Lighting
Dealer: Mainstage

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